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What's new at Gambling Watch UK

What do you think about online gambling marketing: Gambling Commission wants to …

The Gambling Commission (GC) has announced that it is working with the ... Read more

Government's disappointing consultation document

Several months later than originally expected, DCMS – which meanwhile ... Read more

Why Gambling Watch UK is needed?

Opportunities for gambling in Britain have increased very considerably in the last 20 years and were given further encouragement with the passing of the 2005 Gambling Act. The latest British Gambling Prevalence Survey, carried out in 2009/10, found that between one third and one half a million British adults experienced a gambling problem in the previous 12 months.
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Our Mission and Aims

Gambling Watch UK is an organisation, independent of Government or the gambling industry, which exists to question the present policy of support for the expansion of gambling in the UK and to propose alternative policies which would have the effect of preventing such expansion, which it's members believe is harmful from a public health perspective ...
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Support Gambling Watch UK

We believe there is overwhelming support for the view that there are already too many opportunities for gambling and that this is bad for individual, family and community health, but our voices need to be heard if we are to influence public policy. If you agree with the Mission and Aims of Gambling Watch UK, then please register your support.
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