Gambling Watch UK is a new organisation and an early task is to decide on a small number of campaigns to focus our efforts on. Below are listed a few possibilities. If you would like to comment on any of these ideas or would like to pledge your support for Gambling Watch UK, please get in touch via the contact page.

1. Campaign for official and public recognition that gambling creates problems that are properly seen as public health problems and that consequently the Department of Health should be one of the lead government departments concerned with gambling.

2. Support the campaign for local governments to have the power to limit the number of gambling venues in their areas. Gambling Watch UK supports the High Streets First Campaign - see UK News.

3. Challenge a number of current gambling advertisements on the grounds that they contravene principles of consumer protection or the requirement to protect children and young people, and more generally to call into question the role of advertising in promoting gambling, particularly at hours and on media seen by children.

4. Campaign for the removal of Fixed Odds Betting Machines (B2 machines) from high street betting shops.

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  • sean Permalink

    I have signed your petition Lee, please check out mine that I have just made:

    It would be good if this site could promote it ;)

    about 1 year ago
  • Zach Permalink

    Put an end to this! STOP Gambling Adverts on RADIO and TV. They seem to be everywhere and on all the time, targeting people who may have little money in the first place. I know many people who have succumbed to this addiction and lives have been ruined in the process. Not only splitting up marriages and families but inducing bouts of depression and alcoholism. I would liken gambling to heroin, the highs of winning and wanting to replicate that high can leave people penniless and resorting to crime.

    It is and can become a damaging addiction whose effects can ruin many lives. Any form of Advertising TV or Radio should be banned.

    When the FUN stops STOP. Is not an Adequate message. Gambling is only fun when your winning. And the odds are not stacked in your favour.

    Buy a lottery ticket and support charities in the process.

    Gambling is not helping this country

    about 11 months ago
  • Daniel Permalink

    I have cracked the gambling addiction for 8 years now but I'm not going to lie- it was the hardest thing I've ever done. Don't get bored. Keep your mind and body occupied with life. I HATE gambling adverts. They make me feel rage and pity at the same time. Good luck to everyone giving up. Remember get yourself a purpose in life and fulfil it.

    about 10 months ago
  • Rita Permalink

    Gambling Act 2005 Revision 2010----
    Premise and Permit Licence holders, ourselves and other agencies must all work to promote the three Gambling Licensing objectives which are:
    Preventing gambling from being a source of crime or disorder, being associated with crime or disorder or being used to support crime;
    Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way; and,
    Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from being harmed or exploited by gambling

    So if I/We are problem gamblers I/We fall into the at risk category of being a vulnerable adult.
    I played online spending huge amount of money at any one time and this was surely triggered by the companies, the amounts and frequency in a short time span that I was at risk?

    Part of this act is being blatantly ignored therefore illegal! The problem gamblers are not being protected they are being abused and squeezed for their last pennies as its so lucrative for the gambling companies, the banks and the government. This is a joke and a very sick joke - where is the duty of care here? or responsible lending or practices?

    Online gambling is a scourge I along with many more would not have been gambling if I would have had to go into a betting shop-I've never been in one-instead they bring in to you at home 24/7.

    Labour made a huge mistake allowing it, the Conservatives are making an even bigger one by allowing it to continue-no matter what the revenue is, it will be more costly to them and the people of this country in the long run

    about 9 months ago
  • alex Permalink

    Can we the victims come together and collectively sue the gambling commission/uk government? power in numbers!! Lets unite and start a movement to show them we are not taking this anymore, after 10 years of hearing empty promises to do something they have done nothing.
    I am so sick and tired of promises being made to help yet nothing is done, except more lives are ruined whilst they make money off the backs of people with a gambling addiction that they encouraged.
    They have allowed these gambling companies to exploit us, whilst they both profit from our illness and have encouraged a dangerous habit to continue!
    Then they might actually start to take notice of we the people instead of the gambling industry, as they should be doing in the first place as they do represent us after all.
    Feel free to share on facebook and twitter :)

    about 8 months ago
  • Tov Permalink

    I have written to the government on numerous occasions, local politicians etc something needs to be done about this. I am the partner of a problem gambler and it is literally ruining our lives. It physically sickens me that even now when gambling is the no.1 addiction in the uk, people are commiting suicide due to the debt the are racking up and still nothing is being done!?? Even last year when super casino was the sponsored ad for Big brother I wrote in to them and heard nothing. That's prime time tv how can this be allowed? Gambling is a disease and they are just throwing temptation on every single high street. Then if that wasn't bad enough it's all over the Internet!
    How do I sign or share this petition? Has anyone tried writing in to watch dog? Maybe if enough of us do they might bring the issue up.

    about 8 months ago
  • Anon Permalink

    Gambling is a disease and destroys everything. It is good to see people on here drumming up a serious campaign and this is just what we need right now. Something needs to be done this has gone on long enough and too much suffering.

    about 6 months ago
  • Samantha Jayne Permalink

    I have used gambling websites for years and i can safely say that i have never won but lost a lot of money. It is for mugs and should be outlawed. It is definitely an evil we ought to be avoiding.

    about 6 months ago
  • Greg Permalink

    The problem is that no one listens to us, the government loves to see people in debt, the more debt you are in the easier it is for loan companies to make a pretty penny and that pretty penny is paid to the government in the way of higher taxes that then subsidises your local MP's expenses for the year. We are the victims of our own minds. Anything that is bad for you is greatly taxed. The only reason that drugs have not been made illegal is because it would be sold cheaper on the black market tax free and they know it!

    about 2 months ago
  • lee Permalink

    I have been gambling for twenty years.I used to place about two pounds a day on the horses.I enjoyed it and was a bit of fun.Then in 2001 the bookies introduced the roulette machines.These machines have changed the atmosphere in the betting shop , not a happy place with players cursing and hitting the machine - losing a weeks wage in minutes.I started playing them 10 years ago and I won on a regular basis ,I think to get us addicted.My local bookie at the time used to put up a card on the counter boasting how much the shop has paid out this week £10,000 !Don't see them boasting anymore about how much they lost ,funny that?Anyway they are addictive I must admit that I lose control at times trying to recoup my losses you never win.I hate these machines and hope that something can be done to limit them.I am not putting another penny in them its a new year ,let's stop all of us come on we will have some money in our pockets! Don't give to those so and so's.By the way have you ever seen a bookie on a pushbike?Exactly!Let's be strong don't give up, its a new year,2016 .be strong and will power,plenty of will power.All the best.

    about 1 month ago

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