Gambling Watch UK is a new organisation and an early task is to decide on a small number of campaigns to focus our efforts on. Below are listed a few possibilities. If you would like to comment on any of these ideas or would like to pledge your support for Gambling Watch UK, please get in touch via the contact page.

1. Campaign for official and public recognition that gambling creates problems that are properly seen as public health problems and that consequently the Department of Health should be one of the lead government departments concerned with gambling.

2. Support the campaign for local governments to have the power to limit the number of gambling venues in their areas. Gambling Watch UK supports the High Streets First Campaign - see UK News.

3. Challenge a number of current gambling advertisements on the grounds that they contravene principles of consumer protection or the requirement to protect children and young people, and more generally to call into question the role of advertising in promoting gambling, particularly at hours and on media seen by children.

4. Campaign for the removal of Fixed Odds Betting Machines (B2 machines) from high street betting shops.

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  • mark Permalink

    MR David Cameron must ban online casinos

    about 4 months ago
  • ellis Permalink

    i agree im going all out on this one its destroying UK and the world its destroying people i want online gambling banned for UK will you join me in the fight against the devil

    about 4 months ago
  • I am with Ellis Permalink

    Hi Ellis&Everyone,

    We need to tackle the root cause extremely hard on this issue. Right now, One in five families have at least a parent or child going through gambling problems. This is an epidemic and yet for some reason, the government still allows it to be advertised to your family and friends knowing there is a significant chance it will destroy them. From the high streets to our living rooms, We should go after the people/company shareholders paying the government to have them blatantly destroy the people they govern. Let's have counter measures for addicts and give them a reason or will to spend that money on something positive. It can be done if we work very hard at it as no success ever comes that easy. For the sake of our loved ones, these leeches must be eradicated.

    about 4 months ago
  • Anon Permalink

    The responsible gambling trust apparently raises approx £5million per year from the gaming industry. That's about £20 per head for the (under)estimated 451,000 problem gamblers in the country. Hmmm. Responsible and trust are two words I cannot associate with the gambling industry!

    about 3 months ago
  • sean Permalink

    After heavy recent loses i was at my lowest ebb. Money begged and borrowed, with no way of repaying, from family was repeatedly squandered on FOBT. 3 weeks ago things came to a head. I calmly explained my predicament to the bookies worker behind the counter and asked him to ban me from the shop. I was informed that he was not allowed to ban me and i had to ''self exclude'' At this point i lost control and using a buffet i took revenge on 3 machines and a TV. The matter is now in the hands of the police. After prosecution i should be in possession of the shop footage and intend to use this to cause more damage to their profits by joining campaigns and bringing awareness to this massive problem in our communities. As hard as i have tried to abstain from gambling i cannot turn around without being bombarded by adverts. TV, emails, pop ups, text messages and most recently phone calls from ...

    Comment last edited on about 2 months ago by Professor Jim Orford
    about 3 months ago
  • Lee Permalink

    please read and sign this petition I've set up - a better way of bookmakers/casinos tackling problem gambling. Please share the link with others too.

    about 3 months ago
  • Sarineh Permalink's quite sad that they have such a deep focus on keeping cigarettes of people's hands and constantly showing Adds about what nicotine does to your body followed by ones that tell you to HURRY and place online bets!! What gambling does to our minds is x10 more sever than the harms of smoking and I don't see why gambling is not focused on as much...I hope campaigners look into this matter more seriously and try and implement more strict regulations around it.

    about 2 months ago
  • sean Permalink

    I have signed your petition Lee, please check out mine that I have just made:

    It would be good if this site could promote it ;)

    about 2 months ago
  • Zach Permalink

    Put an end to this! STOP Gambling Adverts on RADIO and TV. They seem to be everywhere and on all the time, targeting people who may have little money in the first place. I know many people who have succumbed to this addiction and lives have been ruined in the process. Not only splitting up marriages and families but inducing bouts of depression and alcoholism. I would liken gambling to heroin, the highs of winning and wanting to replicate that high can leave people penniless and resorting to crime.

    It is and can become a damaging addiction whose effects can ruin many lives. Any form of Advertising TV or Radio should be banned.

    When the FUN stops STOP. Is not an Adequate message. Gambling is only fun when your winning. And the odds are not stacked in your favour.

    Buy a lottery ticket and support charities in the process.

    Gambling is not helping this country

    about 3 weeks ago
  • Will Permalink

    Where to start? I discovered online gambling in the final year of a degree it nearly cost me my education. I have gambled non stop since 2011 and have lost and won thousands. Regardless to heavy wins I hate gambling and everything it stands for. The people who work on these online sites ar. So very unsupportive you are just seen as a commodity. The advertisement in the UK makes me feel I'll it triggers an anxiety to gamble. I cannot even read my emails without bombardment. My details seem to have been passed around everywhere. I've spoke to members on thewe online gambling sites who have gambled their benefits, wages, rent. It is so exploitative and it hits the poorest people hardes. In fact it targets them. If anyone wants to talk please email I know how hard this addiction is to crack! The government must do something!!!!

    about 2 days ago

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