Gambling Watch UK is a new organisation and an early task is to decide on a small number of campaigns to focus our efforts on. Below are listed a few possibilities. If you would like to comment on any of these ideas or would like to pledge your support for Gambling Watch UK, please get in touch via the contact page.

1. Campaign for official and public recognition that gambling creates problems that are properly seen as public health problems and that consequently the Department of Health should be one of the lead government departments concerned with gambling.

2. Support the campaign for local governments to have the power to limit the number of gambling venues in their areas. Gambling Watch UK supports the High Streets First Campaign - see UK News.

3. Challenge a number of current gambling advertisements on the grounds that they contravene principles of consumer protection or the requirement to protect children and young people, and more generally to call into question the role of advertising in promoting gambling, particularly at hours and on media seen by children.

4. Campaign for the removal of Fixed Odds Betting Machines (B2 machines) from high street betting shops.

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  • Luke Permalink

    Isn't there a petition of some sort to get the machines in the bookies banned? There's a regale feature on this forum and that is the betting fixed odds machines!!! They have limited the amount you can bet to fifty pound but the fact is that doesn't help a gambler in the slightest. They are a joke and the top earner for a bookie and the government, they won't be banned as they make far too much money for the government! Jokers!!

    about 4 months ago
  • J a renton Permalink

    These bingo sites have ruin my and our family lives by taking all our money and putting us in debt, it is nice to see that people are looking to monitored their advertising but I think that when a advertisement comes on the television it should be counteracted with a sort programme about the problem and hardship it causes, and as a last resort the television company should be sued.

    about 4 months ago
  • Tim Permalink

    Gambling takes advantage of millions of us as 1 in 3 of us are bipolar meaning mentally unstable at times and yet we get our bets on fine there should be a law stating there has to be no previews of races just the prices and the race and lots of adverts explaining the negatives of betting. Only then would the phycology game be fair!

    about 4 months ago
  • Terry Permalink

    My mum passed away last week. We have just gone through all of my mums paperwork and discovered she had been addicted to online bingo, spending the £70k nest egg my mum and dad had for there retirement.

    My mum also borrowed money and ran up credit cards, often buying clothes and other items to boost her low self esteem.

    No one new what was going on and she covered it up well. I will deeply miss my mum and feel cheated that gambling took my mum some years ago and replaced her with someone that could be short tempered and scratchy through her moods related to her addiction and worries.

    We will now support my dad through his retirement.

    Gambling destroys lives

    about 4 months ago
  • Angel Permalink

    All Evils(bad deeds,actions,sins) are not allowed or permitted in any Religion.I Read in all books of every Religion that Gambling is an Evil and big sin.Gambling will always create wil never solve your problems.Gambling is Root of alk Evils.Most Worst Addiction and crime.whenever we ignore the teachings of Religion,we get in trouble.Gambling is strictly banned in all Religions.Gambling always Ruin the Life.Quit Gambling and save your Life.write email to email address is Ruining the life of people.its Root cause of all crimes and evils....

    about 3 months ago
  • Something needs to be done about gambling in the UK.

    I wrote to my local MP about my concern of online gambling after seeing so many adverts for it all for different sites and throwing all these offers about depositing £X amount and getting a x% bonus back (which you win on and can't withdraw) it makes me sick to the core.

    I started gambling after a nasty injury left me disabled and I was low in the gutter. I work to gamble now and I'm trying to save up for a house. It has destroyed me. A lot of sites make you phone them to self exclude and even then it's just for 6 months. I've lost too much to count.

    The response I got from my MP was 'everything is above board with gambling promotion and everything is well regulated' b*llocks is it!

    about 3 months ago
  • not talking from my pocket Permalink

    FOBT'S , I used to enjoy a trip to the bookies . I was easily able to control my horse and football bets , i consider myself a fairly strong self willed person , not when it comes to fobts , they sometimes give me immense urges to use fobts , more so when i step foot into a bookies (mainly roulette , i think that is most people's choice?) Often putting every penny and more in , you never win really they are fixed .. odds betting terminals , and fixed towards the bookie of course , I have on lots of occasions put over £100 in and got 2 or 3 very small return wins during that 100 , then money is gone in literally minutes . Fairness you say ? If that was going on anywhere else / other industry it would be shut down . . I have seen that these ruin lives , men/women 18-80yr old but the bookie and government don't care . THE MACHINES ARE PUTTING PEOPLE INTO POVERTY .. hope the government read this .. you are allowing lives and families to be ruined at the expense of bringing taxes in . Shame on you . Go and spend a day in a bookmakers and you will see what's happening in real day to day life . If there's any addiction issues on my part im addressing those . But what are you doing for us , gamcare ? Self exclusion forms ? .. pretty useless to be honest .
    Bookmakers are no longer nice places to be .

    I'm now a customer who does my best to stay away from bookmakers and 99% the time i do keep away so im a lost customer , not that youre worried as plenty of foolish people will take my place and get legally ripped off . You may aswell legalize certain drugs , less harmful .
    Pleased do question your morals policticians , mp's , bookmaker operators .

    about 3 months ago
  • steve holman Permalink

    im kicking off a campaign to end uk tv advertising for gambling
    , please sign

    about 2 months ago
  • T.. In reply to: # 439 Permalink

    Hello Steve :)

    I just signed your petition and will share around those I know to do just that.


    about 1 month ago
  • Jezebel Permalink

    I would like to support you. The advertising for betting is driving me mad. Can they not see how they are ruining lives and also leading children to believe it is OK to bet. This should not happen. Thankfully there has been a backlash.

    about 3 weeks ago

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